Friday, May 20, 2011

Immersion Rotation Week

Imagination, Creativity, Discovery, Innovation and Practicality are 5 words our teachers thought they’d teach us more about since it was related to our topic. So we had an immersion rotation around our Team 5 classes (18, 19, 20, 21 & 22) and each teacher took a word and taught us more about what it meant.

Mrs Lagitupu took imagination. For imagination, she had us make a Zinger Pinger. A Zinger Pinger is an imaginary pet that requires lots of imagination. As well as a Zinger Pinger, we had to make an imaginary island and name it. Unfortunately, I am not the most imaginative person in our class so my Zinger Pinger looks like a human with horns and a tail. My island wasn’t any different either. From a birds eye view, it’s supposed to look like a happy face with houses, roads and buildings on it. I named it ‘De-Island.’

Creativity was taken by Ms Tito. We had to take our name and design/create it in a different way. There would be a competition for the person who had designed/created the best name. The prize would be a giant sling-shot. The plan is that the winner, will get to fire water balloons at their class and their teacher ! Many people made very creative designs like Raven and Moses.

Mrs Nua took us for discovery. She gave us a challenge that included these materials: An egg, some straws, popsicle sticks, rubber bands and tape. The objective of the challenge was to create a protective barrier around the egg so that when we drop it from a metre high above the ground, it won’t crack. My group and I weren’t really organised so when it was time to drop the eggs, we just started wrapping tape around it, sticking popsicle sticks in and tying rubber bands around it.

When it was time for us to drop our egg, we stood in front of Mrs Nua and held the egg a metre above the ground. “3” everybody started counting down “2, 1”, Helen dropped the egg. As it hit the ground Kezia, Helen & I waited for a few nerve-racking seconds and then...we saw the yolk slip out of the egg ! Our egg cracked ! We didn’t win the challenge, no one did except for Tanielu and Casey. But it didn’t matter because we had fun !

Mr Harris taught us more about innovation. I was there for a bit of the lesson but then I had to leave and do a job. But for the time I was there he did a little skit sort of thing to teach us about Innovation. He asked us a riddle, which, I think went a bit like this: How do you throw a ball without using a bat or anything and it will come right back to you? That’s not entirely right but the answer was you throw it up in the air and it comes back down to you.

Mr Barks was taking practicality. In his class he was showing us some scissors and hedge clippers and along with those items, was a story. His story was about his neighbour and how his neighbour would trim the weeds on the side of his footpath with scissors instead of using hedge slippers. Since he was teaching us about practicality, after his story he asked us whether his story was practical or impractical. After a few wrong answers, we finally got the answer right. It was impractical.

I had lots fun doing the immersion rotation so next term when we start learning about a new topic, I hope we do another immersion rotation !

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Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Sela

This is an excellent recount about our immersion rotation classes. You included a lot of detail about each activity. Which activity did you enjoy the mosts? Keep up the great work.